Sphinx is built on a deeper purpose:

catalyzing social &



Hi, I’m Dani, and I provide high level strategy with an intimate approach.

Like a true Scorpio, I sniff around all your hidden trouble areas and intuitively source creative solutions: tending your business from the inside out.

My holistic approach will meet your immediate needs while clarifying your long term trajectory, setting you on course for success.



Because success is no longer just about profit, it’s also about living by your values and finding fulfillment.


So, what is the Feminine Principle, anyways?


Quickly put, it is operating from both being and doing; from both feeling and thinking.

Consciousness and ego:

a non-linear,

often abstract,


highly attuned

and integrated approach.


It is not gender based and is very counter to the model we have inherited in our current patriarchal society which promotes production and consumption at any cost to others or the planet. 

When applied to marketing, The Feminine Principle engages our deepest gifts and brings true fulfillment on every level. By honoring our soul’s calling, we’re then uplifting the collective in a way that is interdependent, integrated, and sustainable.


Through this approach, we tap back into our whole presence, our true mission and into a new paradigm of leadership. 


Here are 5 keys to implementing the Feminine Principle into your marketing campaign:


Serve With Heart

When our values are aligned with our work, we step into a state of service. We begin focusing more on bringing value to our clients and to the world, rather than cheap marketing tricks; we step out of the rat race and into our soul’s purpose. 

Working from our deepest passion, our projects become soul-igniting, which help to bring genuine joy to the process. When operating from this joy and care, the quality of our work improves as well as the quality of our lives. There is less compartmentalization of work/play and we often find ourselves immersed in our service; lighting up with inspiration “off the clock” because we’re genuinely inspired about what’s brewing.


Embrace the Journey

When we value the process as much as the results, we stay adaptable and resilient, making room for the project as it unfolds, rather than just our linear agenda. Sometimes, we need to reallocate the budget, adjust the timeline or shift creative directions altogether. Being too rigid, rushing, or trying to cut corners only compromises the project, the client relationship and the energetic tone of the project itself. 

Of course, a certain amount of structure is essential in keeping healthy boundaries and clear expectations. However, keep in mind that not all projects adhere to one formula. One size does not fit all. While we honor set goals and timelines, we also recognize the value in being prepared for the unexpected. Therefore, work closely with our clients, and keep open communication to achieve a balance between production and process so that the entire project is valued from beginning to end.

Honor Sensitivity

Breathe, center, ground, open, repeat. It’s so easy in our society to glorify the hustle, overwork ourselves and still feel that our task lists keep scrolling. We are animal creatures, not machines, and it is vital that we prioritize our nervous systems when at work. We must actively relax in order to stay regulated and clear.

Our sensuality and sensitivity is a strength, and it must be cared for. It is this same sensitivity that empowers us to create rich, nuanced, compelling work. We must always care for the self as the primary instrument so that we step into my tasks resourced and ready. 

When we start to feel strained, we know it is time to step away, even if briefly, in order to reset the nervous system. Short walks, slow stretches, mini dance parties, cups of tea and deep breaths: find your own practice to give space to your work routine. Once relaxed there is no push or rush. Ironically, tasks are accomplished easier and faster and we do no burnout due to stress spikes.




Track Context

In our culture of fast-fast-go-go-more-more, everybody wants to rush to get results. The problem with this approach is that we often find ourselves knee-deep in a project with poor-planning that later needs a lot of revamping. Ouch. There’s nothing worse than realizing your “short-cut” approach is actually going to cost you more. We must take the time to see a project with hawk-eye view before we even begin. Making the time for pre-production isn’t always thrilling or glamorous, but it sets the foundation for the production work to be enjoyable, efficient and inspired. With this insight, we can carefully pace ourselves for the long run. Investing the time to build a solid foundation is always worth it and helps us to embrace those last details as they come down the pipeline before launch. There’s a saying that goes something like: when you’re 90% of the way done, you’re halfway there. It’s so true and exactly why it’s so important to keep a sense of overview from start to finish.

Prioritize Intuition

When at the drawing board, I listen with my heart and body, even though that goes against the social norms in my field. I attune deeply to others, the project itself and the collective hum in order to read between the lines in all of my engagements. Oftentimes, through this approach, I discover hidden gems just under the surface; sometimes, I will detect the invisible barrier that is stagnating the process. This insight will spark inspiration and help me to unlock the unseen potential for my clients, our collaborative dynamic and for the project itself. Prioritizing my intuition will save me so much time and energy in the long run. The guidance I receive from this flow-state will propel my clients into a trajectory that is more aligned and true than what was previously visible by only the logical mind.