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We care about you & your mission just as much as your project.

We value personal relationships, communication, integrity and our work with equal care. Conscious work is sacred activism and we approach our projects with heart because the world needs you at your best.

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Happy Clients

  • Jeff Brown

    Dani is the rarest combination of qualities. She is creatively vital, imaginative and attuned. She listens closely to your vision, and builds upon it without ever losing sight of your goals. She understands the importance of concise communication, and relates authentically. She is sensible and practical, and clearly articulates the most effective way to design and structure your website. You come to the end of the web-building journey feeling like you have both accomplished your goals, and had a deeply human experience. This is conscious capitalism, at its finest. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

    Jeff Brown
  • Elisa Rose

    Working with Dani has been a dream come true! Not only is her creative capacity vast and refined, she has a strong work ethic and delivers reliably. Throughout the process she was receptive and responsive to my shifting needs in a timely and loving manner. Her input and ideas were spot on and her willingness to refine the details until completion was really special. She understands from a deep place; and, with great care and collaboration, she brought my vision to life!

    Elisa Rose
  • Prema Gaia

    I had the good fortune of working with Dani and can't recommend her highly enough. Her dedication to the project, beautiful creative eye, wonderful design suggestions and positive energy made the collaboration a delight. Because of the beautiful website that Dani and her team created, the project was a great success and we had people register from 8 countries around the world. The website and its features were a key element in our successful conversion of all the clients who enrolled.

    Prema Gaia
  • Narayan

    I love my website and I love the relationship I have with Dani. It’s been almost a year since it launched and my sales are way up!! My clients love how easy and beautiful it is to shop online now. We have done a couple upgrades and her efficiency and timing is always perfect.

  • Tara Divina

    I love working with Dani for three big reasons: First, she makes everything look truly beautiful. She is a talented artist and her gorgeous aesthetic shines through all of her design work. This was hugely important to me and a primary factor in hiring her. Second, she has high integrity and professionalism, which can be a rare quality for a brilliant artist. She stays in communication, honors commitments and completes the work on a mutually joyful timeline. Third, she is a wonderful person who has great energy, deep insights and genuinely cares about what her clients are up to. It is always a delight to interact with her. I’m thrilled with my site and will definitely hire Dani again soon!

    Tara Divina
  • Bailey Gaddis

    Dani was able to take my wide array of design ideas and concepts and create the vision I had without me knowing exactly how to describe it! She was thoughtful and thorough in our work together and always had the top priority of making sure I was satisfied with every phase of the project. Dani created a chic, warm, and easily-navigable site that I’m excited to share with my clients.

    Bailey Gaddis
  • Lauren Snyder

    Dani was an absolute joy to work with. Her open and authentic style of communication truly allowed creativity to flow and develop naturally. She understood the direction I wanted to take this project and during the course of our conversations, she expertly wove the strands together to create a magnificent tapestry of imagery that breathed life into my brand. I am exceedingly grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her and look forward to working with her again on future projects.

    Lauren Snyder
  • Soleiman Bolour

    I really enjoyed working with Dani–especially our open lines of communication. I am really happy with Dani’s work; she is intuitive, patient, creative, grounded and just a good soul to work with.

    Soleiman Bolour
  • Akka B

    In my opinion, there is nothing better than feeling intuitively seen and heard when working on a project as personal and nuanced as an artist’s website. Frankly, I can’t imagine accomplishing what Dani and I pulled off with anyone else. Her bold creativity harmonized beautifully with my own and she could adapt my changes fluidly and make adjustments quickly. Besides being thoroughly impressed by her technical and artistic acumen, Dani possesses a skill for coaching her clients through roadblocks easefully and playfully. When I lacked clarity or direction I noticed how gracefully she drew me back to the heart of why I matter and what to do about it. Grateful.

    Akka B

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